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Open Space Shooter - Ground Troop Command as part of a greater Space Shoooter series will focus only on one division of the military complex: The Ground Troop division with its infantry and vehicles to conduct military operations on a planet or in a ship.

This game is still in very early development and not yet complete.

The Story is set in the far future. After the collapse of a human space empire several cultures emerged and formed a new alliance, the United Republic of Planets (URP). The player takes control of a soldier in the armed forces of the URP, the United Defense Forces (UDF).

Discord: https://discord.gg/cKDSTZH


Keyboard & MouseGamepad (Xbox 360)action
[W,A,S,D]Left Joystick / D-PadMove Character
[left Shift]Right shoulder-buttonRun
[left Ctrl]Left shoulder-buttonSneak
(mouse-movement)Right JoystickAim
(left and right mouse-button)Left and Right TriggerShoot
(mouse-wheel)Left and Right shoulder-buttonZoom View


0.4 - Improve Game Graphics
Rendering using the framebuffer to ensure more or less fixed render resolution. Improve unit design and some other tweeks.
0.5 - Mission Objectives
Add Screen to equip character with items and equipment. Implement differend kinds of missions. Add more mission objectives.
0.6 - Map Generation
Add more types of landscapes. Add more types of objects. Implement map generator.
0.7 - Enemies
Add more Types of enemies. Improve AI of enemies.
0.8 - Fellow Soldiers
Add screen for team-configuration. Implement interface to Interact with other soldiers and units.
0.9 - Vehicles (optional)
Vehicle types, mounting vehicles and vehicle physics.
0.10 - Alpha
Improve game balance and refine input methods.

The price for early access will increase $1.50 for each version.
(v0.1 - $1.50, v0.2 -$3.00, v0.3 - $4.50, …)


Buy Now$4.50 USD or more

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Version 8

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Version 8

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